8 Gorgeous Beauty Ideas to Brighten Up the Season

Between nonstop holiday gatherings and increasingly dreary weather, we could use a little pick-me-up this time of year. And nothing does the trick like a new lipstick or a fresh ’do. While we can’t promise every party will be a winner, we can ensure that at least you’ll look flawless while you’re forced to make small talk. Here, eight ideas to try.

Brown Smokey Eye + Oxblood Lip

A slightly moodier take on the classic red lip and smoky eye, and you don’t need Cara’s bone structure to pull it off. The reason it works? The whole thing stays within the same warm-toned palette.

Undone Dutch Braid

Take a cue from J. Law—or Elsa in Frozen —and let your braid go a little wild at the crown. It instantly takes the look from “eighth-grade piano recital” to “bring on the champagne.”

“Halo Eyes”

Hello, dreamy. This ethereal look is the beauty equivalent of this season’s velvet: soft, luminous and majorly on trend.

A More Intense Teal Halo Eye

Want something more dramatic than ethereal? Go all out mermaid on your eyes with a more pigmented shade. Just remember to keep everything else natural to avoid looking too paint by numbers.

Chameleon Chrome Nails

The season’s usual shimmery nails get an upgrade with this mood-ring-esque shade, which changes colour with the light. Is it bronze? Green? Whatever it is, we want it.

Exaggerated Cat Eye + Glowing Skin

Not looking for anything too dramatic? Give your everyday face just a little more oomph—and make your skin glow in the process.

Hair Pearls

We’ve sung the praises of hair jewellery before, and these lustrous combs are the epitome of simple elegance. (Bonus: No tricky styling required.)

Gemstone Nails

No, we don’t mean actual bedazzling—we mean chic, geometric color-blocking that makes a wine-glass selfie oh so fancy. Bonus: These gels are five-free (read: nontoxic) so your talons won’t have to suffer in the name of holiday cheer.

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